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Reverse Logistics

Product returns are an ever growing concern to manufacturers, retailers and distributors alike. Valutech Limited can provide a customised solution which can be scaled to reflect your business’s requirements.

Our customised solutions include asset tracking, re-branding, refurbishment, repair, disposition, managed warranty enactment, technical helpdesk and more.

We can also offer you fully WEEE compliant recycling with fully accredited WEEE certificates. Contact us to learn how Valutech can help your business.

Insurance Validation

Valutech can assist your organisation by offering a comprehensive insurance claim validation service to suit the needs of your business.

Certified Data Destruction.

Valutech can provide your organisation with the peace of mind that comes with fully certified and auditable data destruction.

Products sets covered include Notebook PC’s, Desktop PC’s, Tablet and Smartphones (excluding iPhone’s)

Sales and Disposition

Valutech Limited can assist your business’s disposition requirements by using its own dedicated technical sales team together with our industry partners. Products can be reworked, repaired or refurbished to gain maximum financial return via a number of specialist sales platforms within the UK and also for export.

Remarketing and Refurbishment

Valutech Limited has a wealth of technical and engineering expertise. Depending on your requirements we can re-work your products to ensure the highest levels of financial return and customer satisfaction.

Configuration and Customisation

Valutech Limited can take your product and alter the configuration or specification to suit your requirements. Anything from discreet minor alterations to complex engineering modifications can be offered.

Technical Support

Valutech Limited can offer your organisation, comprehensive technical helpdesk services to cover the warranty duration of a product or throughout its entire lifespan. A dedicated account manager can be provided to interface with your organisation.

We can provide you with comprehensive data, statistics, fault trends and more.
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